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Wooden Aroma Diffuser + Oils Kit: Sandalwood, Nectarine & Honey

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Dr Botanicals Natural and Calming Wooden Aroma Diffuser is a new technology therapy device that brings together aromatherapy, light-therapy and an air purifier. It features 7 changing light colours to create different moods to the room, 2 mist modes that regulate the scent from deep to light if used with essential oils* and provides fresh humidification for dry indoor air.

ü Lasts 1-3 hours with one fill
ü 7 Colour moods of LED light and 2 Mist modes
ü Whisper quiet
ü Box includes 1 aroma diffuser, 1 adapter and 1 manual
ü Relax or uplift your mood with scents from essential oils*
ü Balance your ambiance with soft light
ü Freshen the air in your home with Anti-dry protection
Aromatic Sandalwood Diffuser Oil
Uplift your mood with Dr Botanicals Limited edition Sandalwood Diffuser Oil. The ultimate aromatic scent will transform your home with natural woody character deriving from sandlewood bark and roots. Enjoy this rich scent by adding three to four drops to your electronic or reed diffuser.
Uplift and Energise Nectarine and Honey Diffuser Oil Re-energize with this zesty, fruity aroma from Dr Botanicals Limited edition Nectarine and Honey Diffuser Oil. This uplifting blend of honey and fruity nectarine will help to create a captivating environment wherever you are. Enliven your surroundings with this scent by adding three to four drops to your electronic or reed diffuser