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Eyes Gift Set

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Long description:
Powerful serum comprising of two layers which work in unison; using anti-ageing powerhouse Collagen with freshness of water. With its ability to promote skin cell renewal, Collagen is able to give a smooth effect on the skin’s surface to reveal a glowing complexion. Retaining a healthy skin barrier is essential in achieving a supple complexion, Collagen has a high capacity for water retention, so helps to protect and maintain this for more youthful skin. The lightweight texture is an essential step to add onto clean skin that is easily absorbed into the skin and helps keep it smooth and supple.

Why do I need this product?
• Promotes glowing, vibrant skin to keep youthful appearance
• Smooths fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin’s elasticity
• Minimises and eliminates scarring

How to use
Shake to activate for a few seconds and apply to cleansed skin before using any creams.

What are the key benefits?
• Collagen in the skin is the key to building block to regain the structural integrity of a young face
• Protecting and maintaining the skin’s natural oil barrier to achieve a supple, moisturised complexion

Key Ingredients
Collagen: aims to improve the appearance of the skin’s texture and firmness

Who might benefit from these ingredients?
• If you are concerned about fine lines, loose skin, and dryness
• If you want to improve the appearance of the skin’s texture and firmness
• If you are looking to restore your skin’s elasticity
Our latest advanced water resistant silicone mascara with Argan Oil and Vitamin E. Your formula contains a polymer that aims to create an a layer of coating on the eye lash that is lightweight and durable. Perfect for the active person.Usage: Apply daily to clean lashes, in the morning. Caution: Discontinue use if redness occurs. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Do not ingest. We recommend to carry out a patch test before application.
A rejuvenating eye treatment infused with extracts that target dull skin and works to illuminate and brighten the under-eye area for a refreshed and even-toned complexion.

Targets dull, dehydrated and un-even skin tones
Soft eye pad gels help serum soak into skin
Results in a hydrated and glowing, flawless appearance
Key Ingredients:

Paeonia Albiflora Extract: extracted from Chinese peony, this floral ingredient aims to help the complexion look more even toned and lifted for a refreshed look.

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract: a root extract that works to help skin appear more firm and brightened with the help of powerful antioxidants

Application Tips:

Cleanse the skin with your regular day or night time regime and dry the face

Apply the eye pad to your under-eye area and let sit for 10-15 minutes
Remove eye gel an gently dab or massage remaining serum into your skin
Eye pads are for a single use, do not use more than once

Single Pack | Also available in a 5 pack format.