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Caviar Nutrition Serum Duo Kit

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Caviar Nutrition Facial Serum 30ml
Our Caviar Nutrition Facial Serum has been specially designed to plump, firm, and hydrate your skin while increasing your collagen production. This age-defying serum contains amino acids and hyaluronic acid that aim to retain the water in your skin in order to visibly reduce signs of ageing and improve skin cell production. This leads to a protected, smoother, plumper, and younger-looking skin.

Caviar Nutrition Eye Serum 15ml
Our Caviar Nutrition Eye Serum aims to promote anti-oxidant protection and works its magic by increasing hydration and retention levels within the skin. This concentrated serum is infused with Green Caviar and Matrikine Peptide 6 which are known to deeply moisturise, improve skin’s elasticity, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.