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Wrinkler Killer Lift & Plump Kit

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Wrinkle Killer Day Moisturizer
• Aims to reduce visible signs of aging whilst providing deep hydration
• Syn-Ake works in a three-step process to freeze, firm, and hydrate the skin
• Aquaxyl aims to boost the natural hyaluronic acid levels within the skin to firm and plump, leaving long-lasting moisturization
• Gransil DMCM-5 a mattifying agent and facial oil absorber to leave a smooth, silky complexion

Wrinkle Killer Venom Mask
• Designed as a leave-on, overnight treatment to work on the skin whilst it is most receptive to repair and regeneration
• Works to firm and plump the skin, whilst deeply hydrating and rejuvenating the skin to leave it fresher, brighter, and protected by morning.
• Hyaluronic Acid helps to maintain moisturized and firm skin for a plumper, younger-looking complexion
• Glycofilm works to protect the skin against environmental pollution and aggressors

Wrinkle Killer Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
• Aims to firm, lift and smooth the eye area
• Aims to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
• Anti-Oxidant activity protects from free radical damage
• Moisture-holding properties smooth and hydrate the skin